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5 dof - SCARA Eliminator

Software Teach Pendant Vision  Force Sensor Training    Controllers


• 220 VAC single phase input voltage, 115VAC option • iPendant™, a color, Internet ready teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design • Extended networked I/O capabilities: I/O Link, DeviceNet, Profibus • Supports a variety of intelligent functions including Vision (built-in vision-ready controller)

The compact "open air" or rack mount controller allows ambient air to circulate within the controllers electronic components. There is an external filter and in may applications this is acceptable. If a plant has oil, dust or other contaminants in the air the open air controller is usually not a good choice. However, this may be a good choice for those persons who choose to place the entire controller within a suitably cooled NEMA enclosure with other system electronic components.
This controller is by its nature IP20

FANUC SYSTEM R-30ib controller:

Energy efficient, compact and equipped with the new 4D graphic iPendant - for increased user-friendliness, minimum energy consumption, and maximum productivity.

• Ultra compact, stackable cabinet reduces floorspace and saves energy •  New lightweight, 4D Graphic iPendant offers unprecedented ease of use • Energy saving design minimizes power consumption and energy costs, and allows an optional Power Regeneration Module • High-speed precision motion control of 72 axes including up to four robots • Learning Gakushu Robot option provides smooth motion while reducing cycle time up to 15% • Intelligent Interference Check option automatically prevents deadlock conditions between multiple robots, allowing for higher robot density • • Fully integrated iRVision hardware allows easy Error-Proofing, 2D and 3D robot guidance • Dual Check Safety (DCS) Position and Speed Check provides safety rated speed  and position monitoring without additional  hardware • Safety PMC option provides Safety PLC functionality without additional hardware