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Basic Description
FANUC Robotics' Handing Tool
software integrated with a FANUC
robot and controller provides an
effective process solution for most
material handling, material removal
and assembly applications.
Handling Tool simplifies the setup,
programming, and operation of
.FANUC robots: Built-in macro
functions, menu driven programming
tools and point-and-shoot position
teaching features allow users to
create· robot application programs,
test an application and run
production with minimal training
and programming experience.
The Handling Tool software is
compliant with RIA 15.06 safety
standards. It provides full robot
functionality at the teach pendant
for setup, programming, position
teaching, start-up operation,
diagnostics and robot status reporting:

Features and Benefits
• Constant Path option maintains
robot path regardless of speed
override, program speed, wait
delay, hold/resume, auto/teach
mode, etc:
• Advanced Path option allows
precise corner distance control to
avoid obstacles and maximize
robot speed for optimal process
• Background program edit
allows robot program changes
while the robot is running
• Password protection prevents
unauthorized editing of program
and system parameters.
• Dual Ethernet port with
TCP/IP allows dedicated 1/0
Communication over local
network through port 1, while
transferring data and program files over plant-wide network
through port 2:
• Web Server turns the robot
into a web site, allowing robot
information to be browsed from
a remote computer with an
Internet browser.
• Controller Backup/Restore
provides complete backup of
application programs and system
files to a PCMCIA card or hard
drive of a networked PC.
• Multi-tasking feature allows
simultaneous processing of
robot sequence and external
device control logic.
General Software Options
• PC Interface allows FANUC
robots to exchange data (e.g.,
I/O status, alarms, program and
system variables) with FANUC
Robotics PC software products
such as HandlingWorks™,
PressWorks™or custom Visual
Basic application created with
PC Developer's Kit software.












• Programmable Machine
Control (PMC) provides
ladder logic control for external devices such as conveyers,
indexing tables and other
peripheral equipment. Ladder
logic programs are written
off-line on a PC.

• Human Machine Interface
(HMI) allows the robot to
communicate 110 status,
alarm message and system
parameters to the GE FANUC
QuickPanel or Cimplicity

• KAREL® Programming
provides high-level structured
programming tools to develop
user-friendly applications
for complex processes.

• Auto Singularity Avoidance
will automatically detect wrist
singularity during LINEAR
motion. If detected, it determines
the best wrist configuration (flip
or non-flip) for the destination
position to prevent undesirable
wrist rotation. Auto Singularity
Avoidance improves cycle time
by maintaining Tool Center Point
(TCP) position and speed during

• Auto Payload ID identifies up
to-ten wrist payloads by moving
axes 5 and 6 while monitoring
torque. It automatically
determines payload's mass,
center of gravity and inertia
values and warns user of robot
overload condition.

• TCPCal option provides accurate
TCP location of the end-of-arm

• RobotCal option calculates or
restores initial mastering
information of the robot.

• CellCal recovers cell frame for a
new fixture change and allows
transfer of robot programs
between similar workcells.


















Motion Software Options

• Collision Guard™ eliminates
the need for a mechanical clutch
by detecting robot collisions with
external objects and minimizing
damage to the part, end-of-arm
tool and the robot.

• Auto Collision Recovery will
automatically recover from a
collision according to a user specified
recovery program.
Collision Guard and High Speed
Skip option must be setup for
collision detection and automatic
recovery to work properly.

• Cartesian Soft Float ™
provides adjustable robot
compliance along user specified
direction to
accommodate variations in
part size or shape.

• Continuous Turn allows
the last axis of the robot or
an extended axis to rotate
continuously at program speed.

• Interference Check-prevents
collision of one robot with
other robots or static obstacles
inside the workcell.

• Robot Space Check™
prevents robot-to-robot collisions
when multiple robots share a
common workspace.
III Linear or Circular Tracking
allows the robot to pick or
place parts moving on one
or two continuously running

Process Software Options

• PalletTool™ provides process
solution for palletizing
applications to handle multiple
product sizes, variety of pallet
patterns, and quick product
I. RemovalTool™ provides
process solution for polishing
applications that require
active or passive force control.

.I/O Options
FANUC Model- B-I/O
Process I/O ~ EA
I/O Link Connection


PC Software Options

Floppy Emulator NT
PC File Services
PC Developer's Toolkit
V~500iATM/2DV Vision System                 V-500iA/2DV Line Tracking
V-500iA/3DL 3-D Laser Vision

For more information, refer to the
respective software datasheet.
For more information, refer to the I/O
Products datasheet.












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