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FANUC Robotics' OlpcPRO is a state-of-the-art offline robot
program development software designed for FANUC SYSTEM
R-J3iBTM and R-30iA™ robots. It supports offline development
and maintenance of both KAREL®and Teach Pendant
Progra'mming (TPP) used by the FANUC SYSTEM R-J3iB
and R-30iA Controllers. OlpcPRO is a PC program that
runs on standard personal computers that support the
Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system.

Features and Benefits

Easy Robot Configuration

• Easy selection of robot model, Tool software
(such as HandlingTool™, ArcTool®, SpotTool™ etc.)
and available options to create a programming
environment just like the user's production robot.

Multiple Application Tool Support

• Supports program development for the family of FANUC
Robotics' standard application tools:
- SpotTool+
- ArcTool
- PaintTool™
- HandlingTool
- PalletTool®
- DispenseTool®

Full Teach Pendant
Programming (TPP) Tool

• OlpcPRO includes the actual  TPP editor of the robot
controller for development  robot TPP programs. Those
who are already familiar with  FANUC robots will find an
identical robot programming  environment with OlpcPRO.

• A built-in ASCII editor is also  available to edit, load and
save TP programs in ASCII  file format.
A special configuration utility is available to arrange all
robot programs in separate project specific folders, each
representing a different  robot and containing the files
associated with that robot.  Key mapping feature is
available to map Teach  Pendant keys to the PC allowing the programmer
to edit register and I/O  comments directly from the PC.







Complete KAREL® Programming Support
• OlpcPRO integrates KAREL Editor, Compiler,

Variable Editor and Dictionary processor
through a cell browser to make it simpler to access
edit and translate KAREL programs.

• A "build" feature is available to translate and load all the
robot programs to the virtual controller with a single

• All translation errors are displayed in a separate
output window, allowing the programmer to correct
the source code to fix all errors during the same edit

• Built-in variable editor provides the ability to view
and edit binary files with .VR and .SV extension.


iPendant™ .Screen Development

• Built-in virtual iPendant allows the development and
testing of iPendant screens including the web browser.

• With an available special interface cable, users can
control the virtual robot using a real iPendant.

File Transfer to Robot

• OlpcPRO provides an easy-to-use interface to
transfer selected robot files back and forth between the
robot and PC via Ethernet. This eliminates the need to
carry memory cards or other media to the factory floor.

• Import/export control list feature allows transfer of a
pre-defined group of files between the virtual controller
and the target real controller via Ethernet. If there is no
network connection available, the files are exported to a
"Loadset" for manual loading to a real robot.

Robot Program Testing

• OlpcPRO's built-in virtual  controller technology makes
robot·program logic debugging simpler and more effective
since many programs can be tested on the PC before
downloading to the robot.

• Virtual·controller also allows testing of robot
communication with other PC software such as FANUC
Robotics' vision software, third~party HMI software or
other Visual Basic application software developed with the
FANUC Robotics' PC Developer's Kit software.





Important Notes:  OlpcPRO is only available for R-J3iB robots with software greater than V6.40 and all R-30iA robots. Offline graphical simulation and
optimization of robots and robot work cells requires ROBOGUIDE® software. OlpcPRO is for robot program maintenance and development only.
ROBOGUIDE is essential for applications that require robot simulation, work cell visualization, or optimization.
Note: ROBOGUJDE isa registered trademark of FANUC LTD.